Video still from 2015. BS disaster at Chelsea.

Video still from 2015. BS disaster at Chelsea.

I grew up in the Baltimore suburbs and now live in Brooklyn.  I’m basically a 43 year old skate rat.  I skated from roughly 1985 until early in 1993 and then quit until starting again in the summer of 2012.   Not quite 20 years but I just say 20 because its easier.


Starting again was the best decision I ever made.


The original idea behind this blog was to simply tell my personal history of skateboarding. As it has developed, I have come to realize that much of what I am relating is shared history.  As such, I would like to include as many different voices as possible. If you are reading this and have any interest in contributing anything, large or small, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

A Note on Photographs

I have used some photographs from the web for this blog. I have attempted to credit and link those that I can.


Please contact me if I used one of your photographs and you want it removed.