Below is the video that I’ve excerpted parts of for previous posts in its entirety. When we actually recorded this video is unclear. It was either the summer of 1990 or 1991. I have been saying that it was filmed in 1991, the summer before my senior year, but I am now beginning to suspect that it may have been filmed the previous summer, when I was sixteen. I say that because there is a brief bit, around forty-six minutes in, where we are skating Dookie Ramp 2.0 without a masonite layer, just raw plywood.  That would have been just after Jeff R built the ramp in 1990.  That and rails, I think we’d stopped using rails by 1991, but that is just speculation.


The title is Don’t Panic because I used the opening sequence of a BBC broadcast of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy as a title card.


If you have not watched any of the previous excerpts, the quality is horrible. I had borrowed Jeff B’s video camera to make this video. The camera was already slightly damaged so the original recordings weren’t great. There was an audio “clunking” and visible tracking lines at the bottom of the image from the start.  I then edited the video by dubbing from VCR to VCR. I dubbed on to a used tape. That tape then sat around for twenty some years before I finally digitized it.  It’s watchable but just barely, hence the Historical Documents tag.




Here is the breakdown of spots and people for those that are interested:

  • 00:40  Jimmy’s Ramp, Hampton, MD.  Jimmy and me. Ed filming.
  • 04:52  Street skating, Timonium, MD.  Ed and me.
  • 08:02  Street skating, Timonium, MD. Ed, Jeff R and me.
  • 10:17  Rip the Lip, Reading, PA.  Marc, Jeff B and me.
  • 24:46  My quarter pipe, Timonium, MD.  Marc, Young, Ed and me.  Jeff R filming.
  • 26:26  Dookie Ramp, Cockeysville, MD. Ed, Marc, Young, Jeff B, Jeff R and me.
  • 36:53  Lansdowne skate park, Lansdowne, MD.  Jeff B and me.
  • 46:40  Dookie Ramp, Cockeysville, MD.  Jeff B.
  • 46:49  Street Skating, Ocean City, MD.  Marc and me.