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Posted on March 17, 2017

I’m 43 today.  In celebration, here is a short montage of my skating from the past year, at age 42. I didn’t film all that much but I think this is a fair representation of what I talked about in my last post.  The only thing not included is some bigger bowl footage but all I really did was go in circles and do some axle stalls in those so no one is going to miss that.    


Posted on February 8, 2017

I was asked about an update, so here it is. This post was originally supposed to be about learning kickflips but that didn’t really work out as planned. After a month or two of trying them (which is shorter than it seems, it was less than an hour per week) I actually did land a few. Those were in the grass and sketchy though. Doing them while moving and on pavement… no way. My kickflips are rocket flipping, back foot catches with the front foot missing or touching down early most times. After hours of minor adjustments and no significant improvements I realized I was stuck and gave up. I decided I’d rather just skate than struggle.   So, instead of a triumphant “I…

Starting Again, Again

Posted on September 20, 2016

Starting to skate again after breaking my wrist was nowhere near as dramatic as the “Starting Again, Again” title implies. There isn’t actually all that much to write about. As I said in my last post, I was off of the board for almost exactly two months. I was supposed to wait three, so I eased back in to it during May with a few easy sessions at the mini ramp in Hoboken. By June I was back to skating once or twice a week. I’ve been skating regularly again for over three months now. I had to relearn some things and my consistency is worse but I didn’t really lose any tricks. I’ve actually learned a few things.   Even though my wrist…

Paying the Piper

Posted on April 28, 2016

I had high hopes for the spring of 2016.   I didn’t skate for most of the winter of 2013-14. Due to frequent snow and frigid temperatures, the roads were icy and the parks were buried until mid March. We took two trips that February to Garden Sk8, a now closed indoor park in New Jersey, but that was about it. The first time back skating Chelsea that spring was amazing, everyone was so happy to be outside. Those months off took their toll though. I was so unsteady on the board I slammed a few times just doing basic things and I lost a few tricks that winter that I have yet to get back.   During the winter of 2014-15, thanks to…


Posted on February 3, 2016

This may be the final post of this blog.   A number of different people have encouraged me to keep it going but, while I am not ruling out that possibility, I always envisioned this blog as a finite project. It was to be a personal history of the two phases of my skateboarding, as a teenager and as an adult. It has reached its conclusion, save for one final thing, which is contemporary video.   What follows are a series of clips spanning the last two and half years. I’ve attempted to represent what my skating actually looks like. I’ve resisted the urge to re-film things because, who am I kidding, I’m not good and never will be good. I am skating in…

The Pied Piper Effect

Posted on November 17, 2015

Marc was one of my good friends in high school and a core member of my skate crew. He started skating again almost exactly one year ago. He now lives in Italy yet, despite the ocean between us, we talk nearly daily about skateboard related ephemera. He was the obvious choice when I decided that, instead of writing about it, I wanted to have a conversation about what it means to be an adult skateboarder. I’d like to thank him for all of his help in putting this together. It turned out better than I had hoped.   A few posts ago I wrote about how watching skate videos inspired me to start skating again. Where did your desire to start again came from?…


Posted on September 13, 2015

This post is coming in well late. Of course I have no real deadline but I’ve tried to keep to a roughly once a month schedule. I struggled with this one. Writing about the past is much easier for me than writing about the present. So let me start this off by rehashing a bit of skateboarding history. It has a point, I promise.   As I’ve discussed in many of my previous posts, skateboarding has gone through a number of different phases. The initial sidewalk surfing fad of the ‘60s faded quickly but rose again in the mid ‘70s, thanks largely to advances in equipment, such as the invention of the polyurethane wheel. Pioneers like the Z-Boys pushed skateboarding out of the streets…

Starting Again

Posted on June 22, 2015

After what was essentially a twenty-year hiatus, in the summer of 2012, at the age of 38, I began skateboarding again. Much like as with quitting, there is no easy answer as to why I decided to start again. I had not forgotten about skateboarding. The roar of wheels on the street (or the clack clack clack on the sidewalk) still instantly grabbed my attention. I still saw skate spots everywhere I went and I still watched skate videos online. During the latter half of the 2000s, that video viewing increased. If I had to choose one thing that inspired this, I would say it was the John Cardiel Epicly Later’d episodes. These came out in 2008 and were my first exposure to the…


Posted on May 5, 2015

I moved to Philadelphia to attend college in August of 1992. By 1993 I had all but stopped skateboarding. If I had continued to skate, this post would most likely be called Philadelphia, or maybe even Love Park and it would be followed by a post called FDR. I have a fair amount of regret that this is not the case and that this is instead about quitting. It’s been hard to write, as there is no one reason I stopped skating, so I’ve tried to analyze the various contributing factors.   There were signs from fairly early on that I was losing interest in skateboarding. At some point in high school I stopped paying attention to what decks I rode. I remember my…

Middle School Photos

Posted on March 18, 2015

Since my next post will be about quitting skateboarding, I thought now would be the appropriate time to give the people what they want, that is, a big dump of old photos from roughly 1986-1988.  The image quality varies pretty greatly, sorry.

1986 everybody.

1986 everybody.

Team P.E.B.

Team P.E.B.

Suburban street skating, i.e. jumping off a wall into a driveway.

Your author doing some suburban street skating, ie. jumping off a wall into a banked driveway.

Me boardsliding a picnic table at the old Lutherville.

Me sliding a picnic table bench at the old Lutherville.


Ed, launch ramp backside air in front of a dramatic sunset.


Ed sliding a curb.

Ed sliding a curb.

Brian ollieing off of Jeff B's launch ramp.

Brian ollieing out of Jeff B’s launch ramp.

Brian airing off some skinny ledge.  Look at that Rob Roskopp.

Brian airing off some skinny ledge. Look at that Rob Roskopp.

Brian, night skating.

Brian, night skating.

Ed and Brian watching a street contest.

Ed and Brian watching a street contest.

Jeff B getting super extended off his launch ramp.

Jeff B getting super extended off his launch ramp.

Jeff B at Lutherville when the metal ramps were brand new.  I don't know if this was just super tweaked or a 180.

Jeff B at Lutherville when the metal ramps were brand new. I don’t know if this was just super tweaked or a 180.

Someone I don't know with a nosepick on the box at Lutherville.

Someone I don’t know with a nosepick on the box at Lutherville.


Some random with a bent knee Christ thing at a contest during the height of the launch ramp era.

Closed gas stations.  The natural habitat of the suburban skater.

Closed gas stations. The natural habitat of the suburban skater.


An unknown with a FS wall ride transfer at a contest in Ocean City, MD.


More random shots of people I don’t know. Some guy with a nice FS 5-0 at the old Ocean Bowl vert ramp.

Kids at the Ocean Bowl.  I don't think this was a make.

Kids at the Ocean Bowl. I don’t think this was a make.


Paul Wisniewski with a layback grind to tail on the steep bank at the Save Lutherville contest.



Paul Wisniewski with a FS rock on the Lutherville mini. Texture courtesy of beginners B&W photography experimentation.

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